Need Roxor Parts? Shop Our Mahindra Roxor Parts Catalog

Need Roxor Parts? Shop Our Mahindra Roxor Parts Catalog

Posted by Reubicon Tractor Parts on 18th Jun 2024

If you own a Mahindra Roxor, you know the value of keeping it in peak condition for all your off-road adventures. Whether you're tackling tough trails or handling heavy-duty tasks, having the right parts is essential. Our  Mahindra Roxor parts catalog is your go to resource for all your Roxor maintenance and upgrade needs.

From engine components to custom accessories, we've got everything you need to keep your Roxor running smoothly and looking great. We invite you to explore our extensive selection of  Roxor parts, which offer an unparalleled combination of quality and affordability. But first, let’s dive in and take a look at this amazing off-road vehicle.

7 Facts About The Mahindra Roxor

The Mahindra Roxor is an off-road utility vehicle designed for durability, versatility and performance in rugged environments. Here are some interesting facts about the Roxor.

1. Roxor Features A Heritage Design

The Mahindra Roxor's design is heavily inspired by the classic Willys CJ Jeep, reflecting Mahindra's long history of building Jeeps under license from Willys and later from Jeep. Willy Jeeps were put into use during World War II for use as a light utility vehicle. If you love classic vehicles, this homage design could be something you truly appreciate.

2. Usage Is Limited To Off-Road Excursions

The Roxor is classified as a side-by-side utility task vehicle (UTV) and is not street-legal in many areas, making it primarily an off-road vehicle. For safety and regulatory reasons, the Roxor has a top speed limited to 55 mph, making it unsuitable for highway use in its stock form.

3. Roxor Features A Strong Towing Capacity

While it might not be “street legal,” the Roxor can be an extremely helpful vehicle for use on farms and larger properties. Despite its compact size, the Roxor has a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, making it a practical option for hauling equipment and trailers off-road. Keep in mind, that while the Roxor can reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour, this higher speed limit is only advisable when you are not towing anything. The maximum towing speed is recommended at 15 miles per hour.

4. Many Custom Options

The Roxor offers a variety of customization options, including different colors, tops, bumpers, and additional accessories like winches and lighting kits. The color options include sleek black, red and a limited-edition army green shade that definitely harkens back to the early days of the Willy Jeeps.

5. Roxors Are Built Tough

The Roxor features a boxed steel frame and steel body as well as a heavy-duty transmission with no belts. A heavy-duty transmission with no belts is more durable and reliable. Belts can wear out, stretch, or break over time, especially under the stress of offroad conditions. A transmission without belts is less prone to these issues, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Off-road environments can be harsh, with exposure to dirt, mud, water, and other elements. Belts can be susceptible to slippage or damage in such conditions. A transmission without belts is less vulnerable to environmental factors, ensuring more reliable operation in challenging terrains.

6. The Roxor Features A Manual Transmission

We don’t know about you, but we love driving a vehicle with a manual transmission. It provides drivers with a more traditional and hands-on driving experience. If you also love the idea of a manual transmission, the Mahindra Roxor comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, ramping up the excitement of your off-road adventures.

7. Easy-To-Maintain Interior

Whether you are working on a farm, hunting or enjoying some other type of off-road experience, there’s no getting around the fact that the outdoors can be messy. The Roxor was designed with practicality in mind. Not only can the vehicle withstand rugged use, but you can also hose down the interior after your adventure and then store the Roxor for your next adventure or job.

Reubicon – Your Mahindra Roxor Parts Superstore

At Reubicon Tractor Parts, we don’t just offer great deals on Mahindra tractor parts, we also stock a huge selection of Roxor parts, as well. Our Roxor parts catalog includes an abundance of affordable filters as well as the following parts categories:

  • Roxor Body Parts & Seats
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  • Roxor Clutch Parts
  • Roxor Cooling Parts
  • Roxor Electrical Parts
  • Roxor Engine Parts
  • Roxor Exhaust Parts
  • Roxor Air Intake Parts
  • Roxor Fuel System Parts
  • Roxor Hydraulic Parts
  • Roxor Lights & Lenses
  • Roxor Front End Parts
  • Roxor Transmission Parts
  • Roxor Wheel Rims & Discs

To find the parts you need, head to our homepage and select the Mahindra Roxor tab and you will see all of these categories. You can order Mahindra Roxor parts online, or you can call us to place an order. In addition to Roxor parts, we also offer Mahindra tractor parts, Case tractor parts, IH tractor parts, Universal parts, and some John Deere parts.

Order Roxor Parts Today! 

Whether you need Roxor cooling parts, engine parts, clutch parts, a Mahindra Roxor oil filter or something else, we have everything you need at Reubicon Tractor Parts. If you don’t find precisely what you need in our Mahindra Roxor parts catalog, please give us a call at (512) 843-0130 or email us at info@reubicontractorparts. We have a huge network of parts suppliers and typically can source whatever parts you need.