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Posted by Reubicon Tractor Parts on 8th May 2024

While the Mahindra 4025 is no longer produced, many of these durable machines are still in use and, of course, that meets Mahindra 4025 partsare still in demand. At Reubicon Tractor Parts, we carry a large selection of Mahindra tractor parts, including those suitable for the 4025 models. Let’s take a quick look at this tractor, which was one of Mahindra’s most popular models.

Tractor Spotlight – The Mahindra 4025 Tractor

This Mahindra model went into production in 2008, and while the original model was 2WD, Mahindra began producing a 4WD version in 2012. Mahindra offers four classes of tractors – Sub-Compact, Compact, Compact Utility and Utility. With a 41-horsepower engine, the 4025 would be considered a Compact Utility tractor, which might be suitable for small to medium-sized farms or properties.

The 4025 can be used for a wide range of tasks including tilling and soil preparation, planting and seeding, as well as for mowing and field maintenance. Because of its strong hitch system, which boasts a lift capacity of more than 3,500 pounds, this machine can be used with a range of instruments and often is used for hauling materials. Your 4025 can be outfitted with many Mahindra implements and attachments, including loaders, post hole diggers, tillers, backhoes, mowers and more.

If you are in the market for a new tractor, Mahindra’s 4500 series is comparable to the 4025. There are two options in this new series – the 4540 and the 4550. Both of these machines are 4WD, unlike the 4025 which was available in 2WD and 4WD.

The 4540 has 41 horsepower and a 3-point hitch lift capacity and a loader lift capacity of 3,527 pounds, virtually identical to the 4025. The 4540 has 48 horsepower and a hitch lift capacity of 3,527 pounds, however, its loader lift capacity is just 2,866 pounds.

Of course, purchasing a used Mahindra tractor can be a good option to consider as well. Mahindra is known for producing reliable, long-lasting tractors and used models in good condition can save you thousands of dollars. The only caveat is to inspect the tractor carefully for signs of damage.

Too often, people simply inspect the exterior of the tractor and forget to look at the engine and take the tractor for a test run. It’s important to turn on the tractor to see whether or not it starts smoothly. Be sure to make note of any rattling or knocking sounds and take a look at the smoke exiting the exhaust.

For instance, if the engine is cold, a white or light grey smoke typically will be seen and this is simply condensation and sure burn away quickly and dissipate. If the white or grey smoke continues after the engine has warmed up, this could indicate several problems, such as a cracked engine block, a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder head or perhaps a fuel injection issue.

If you notice black smoke, this typically suggests that the tractor is burning too much fuel. This might mean it’s simply a clogged air filter, but it also could be a fuel injection issue, which can be costly to fix. Even if it’s simply a dirty filter, this does tend to suggest that the tractor was not maintained consistently.

Blue smoke is another sign of tractor engine issues. This color of smoke indicates that the engine may be burning oil. In some cases, this is simply because the oil was overfilled, but it also could be caused by worn valve seals or piston rings.

In general, consistent smoke from the engine is not a good sign. Likewise, if you notice anything leaking from the tractor, this also is a red flag. It’s also wise to look carefully at the electrical system and make sure that all of the electrical components are functioning properly as well as taking a good look at the hydraulic system. Be sure to raise to test that the 3-point hitch (and loader) are working properly.

Mahindra Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance can extend the life of a new or used Mahindra tractor significantly. While your Mahindra owners guide will provide you with general timelines for many maintenance tasks, it’s important to note that some of these tasks might need to be handled more frequently than the guides indicated.

For instance, according to Mahindra, you should change the oil after every 200 hours of operation. However, with heavy usage or use in extreme conditions, you might need to change the oil and filter more frequently.

We recommend inspecting the filter and oil levels frequently to ensure that the filter is relatively clean, and the engine has sufficient oil. The same advice applies to changing out other Mahindra filters, as well as for all other maintenance tasks as the manufacturer guidelines might not fit your specific working conditions.

Search Our Mahindra Parts Catalog Online Now!

There are two ways to search our Mahindra parts catalog. You can search by part name or by model number. For Mahindra 4025 parts by model, you will want to head to the box that says, “Mahindra 25 Series,” as the 4025 is part of that specific tractor series. From there, you can select either the 2WD or 4WD model and search for parts.

Our selection of Mahindra 4025 parts includes:

  • 3-Point Linkage Parts
  • Body Parts & Seats
  • Brake Parts
  • Clutch Parts
  • Cooling Parts
  • Electrical Parts
  • Engine Parts
  • Exhaust Parts
  • Air Intake Parts
  • Fuel Injectors & Pumps
  • Fuel System Parts
  • Hydraulic Parts
  • Lights & Lenses
  • Steering & Front End Parts
  • Transmission Parts
  • Wheel Rims & Discs

Additionally, we also sell Mahindra tractor filters. Whether you need a Mahindra fuel filter, a Mahindra oil filteror perhaps a Mahindra hydraulic filter, we offer quality filters at unbeatable prices. We also offer convenient filter packs that contain several different types of Mahindra filters.

We also offer a huge selection of Mahindra Roxor parts and filters as well as Case parts, IH parts, Universal parts and some John Deere tractor parts. All of our parts are carefully sourced to ensure quality and should fit seamlessly into your vehicle. In addition to our low prices, we also offer fast shipping so that you can get that tractor back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’ve searched for Mahindra 4025 parts but don’t see the exact part or filter you need, please contact the team at Reubicon Tractor Parts at any time. We have a huge network of quality Mahindra parts suppliers and can usually source whatever you might need.